Agni FRP Core Rod

Composite insulators consist of an FRP core, a cover and shades made of silicone and 2 metal fittings pressed on the core. Such rods are exclusively manufactured under utilization of boron-free ECR-Roving's and epoxy resin.

As a new development, Agni Fiber Boards has introduced fiber glass core rod for Composite/Polymer insulator market, Fiberglass Epoxy/polyester Pultruded Composite Insulator Core Rod suitable for application in Composite/Polymer Insulators and Lighting Arrestors.

Epoxy/polyester resins are impregnating compounds with the highest available quality of all comparable polymers for the pultrusions of FRP rod materials. Hot curing resin in combination with anhydride hardener gives an aging/hydrolysis resistant high strength matrix component


  • High mechanical strength
  • Very good electrical isolation
  • Low weight
  • Easy installation
  • High safety against brittle fracture
  • High safety against vandalism
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